Top 25 Scholarships for College Students

11. Jackie Robinson Scholarship

The Jackie Robinson Foundation aims to aid minority and underprivileged undergraduate students in pursuing their educational and career aspirations. Primarily, they offer approved scholars grants totaling up to $30,000 distributed over four years. Additionally, the foundation offers comprehensive support to ensure success, including year-round workshops, webinars, and personalized mentoring throughout the college journey. Moreover, for individuals considering graduate school or advanced professional training, the foundation provides specialized programs tailored to assist them Learn more.

12. College Board Scholarships

College Board is revamping its scholarship distribution method by introducing a unique approach. They have curated a list of six activities, each corresponding to a specific amount of scholarship funding. Moreover, participants who complete all six activities become eligible for entry into a drawing, offering the opportunity to win $40,000 towards their educational expenses Learn more.

13. United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund, one of the most significant private scholarship funds devoted to minority support, disburses over $100 million in scholarships annually to more than 10,000 students. With a network spanning 36 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and over 1,000 schools nationwide, the program aims to provide substantial financial aid. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled full-time at a UNCF Member College or University, demonstrate financial need, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 Learn more.

14. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) Program encompasses a range of scholarship initiatives, such as the HOPE Scholarship, HOPE Grant, Zell Miller Scholarship, Zell Miller Grant, Hope GED Grant, and Hope Career Grant. Established in 1992, HOPE receives funding from the Georgia Lottery for Education. Over the years, this initiative has provided financial assistance to more than 1.8 million students in Georgia to cover their secondary school expenses Learn more.

15. Walmart Scholarship

The Walmart Scholarship provides tuition assistance to Walmart employees and their high school dependents. Associates must be enrolled in Walmart’s Lifelong Learning Program through American Public University or pursuing higher education at a qualifying institution in the United States. The Walmart Scholarship is available to employees who have been working with the company for at least 6 consecutive months Learn more.

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